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What is the process to obtain custom medical visuals?

1. Initial Consult:

The iinitial consult to discuss scope of the case, understand concept of project and strategize goals and is free of charge.


2. Initial Planning & Proposal/Scope of Work:
Collection, review and research of any         associated media to fully understand  and illustrate project.


3. Research & Content Collection:

Collect and review patient ER, OR and         Hospital stay reports/records, Imagery  such as X-Ray, MRI, CT etc. Contact  information for medical expert's.


4. Content Creation:

Begin initial work and design. During this time we will bein contact with client to review images if needed.  We will also be in contact with any medical experts as we create content.


5. Client Review:

Delivery of work completed for client to review, check for errors and ensure proper delivery for client.


6. Content Revisions and Refinement

Requested revisions to imagery and/or functionality.


7. Client Final Review - if needed


8. Delivery of Work

Work is delivered via print or digitally based upon case and clients needs.


What formats are available to deliver my content or case?

Paper Prints/Boards

  • 8.5x11 handouts

  • Presentaiton booklets

  • Custom sized presentation/evidence boards (with or without labeling)


Digital 'Prints/Boards'
Digital boards similar to a printed board, but without the added cost and hassle of transporting of a printed piece.


Digital Interactive Presentations

Transform your print piece into an engaging and interactive digital presentation by adding dynamic or interactive elements to enhance understanding.   Dynamic elements such as fades or motion and will engage viewers and offer easily understandable comparisons.  Interactive elements such as navigation buttons and hot spot pop-ups/rollovers, can be added to electronic media enhance control, flow and speed of information delivery.

Though delivered in a standard PowerPoint file, you content is interactive like a web page, allowing you to easily present content in a step-by-step manner, while allowing the flexibilty of revisting important content at any time.


Is there technical support for an interactive presentation?

Yes!  We strive to ensure that interactive content and animations are simple to navigate and will be fully functional on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.  


For an additional fee, we are available to provide on-site install and support for any presentation.


How much do your medical visuals cost?

Because all illustrations and presentations are customized to each individual client's needs, there is no “standard” pricing Pricing depends on the complexity of the content, the uses and reproduction rights the client desires, along with the illustrator’s experience and reputation.


If you have a tight budget, discuss this with the medical illustrator who can advise if it is realistic and what you can expect for your proposed budget

What about licensing and usage?

Because most AMV content is in the form of custom medical legal exhibits/presentations and displayed for a specific nature, our content is considered a single use license.   Should the nature of your content use be beyond our standard single use license (advertising, magazine, textbook, journal publication, corporate brochure, web site, , TV, live presentation, or multimedia project).  In general, the more uses equals a higher cost

If you have any additional questions about services available,

please contact us so we answer them for you!

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