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Demonstrative Evidence

Images or animations, presented either in print boards digitally, designed to help explain a concept or procedure to establish a common context and reference point among the facts presented in a case.


Personal Injury/Insurance Claims, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Forensic Graphics

Radioloigcal Visualization

Various methods of visualizing and clarifying radiological imaging.  Advanced way of looking at patient injuries.  Patients real data, not a standard illustration but case specific to your client. Unique way of visualizing patient data.


2D Imaging Clarification, 3D Volume Renderings and Animations

BioMedical Visualization

(Medical Illustrations)

Visuals intended to increase the understanding of and/or communicate a process, procedure or mechanism in a simplified manner.


Anatomy, Pathology, Physology, Clinical Concepts, Surgies or Procedures, Progressions, Complications, Graphs and Charts

We offer some stock art that can be customized at an additional cost.  We also offer the creation of custom art work and graphical layouts.

One case is not like the other. 

Custom medical & biological visuals for courtroom or patient education created by skilled medical illustrators.

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