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Advanced Medical Visuals is a visual communication corporation specializing in the design, development and creation of medical and biological images for the dissemination and advancement of scientific education. We are experts in problem solving, simplifying complex concepts and accelerating knowledge as it pertains to science and medical education. We are a multimedia source and work with a variety of software graphics for the production of digital imagery such as static 2D illustration, charts, anatomical and surgical illustrations. We also create animations and animated Power Point presentations for use in lecture and courtroom demonstrative exhibits. We pride ourselves on being acurate, detailed, time sensitive and most importantly cost effective/affordable.
Advanced Medical Visuals also specializes in the transformation of CT and MRI data into volumetric renders that provide incredible viewing of patient imagery beyond the normal grey, black and white CT and MRI imagery.  Custom colorization, segmentation and annotations can be applied to any of the visuals.  The data can be maniuplated in all planes of dissection and rotate6 360˚, making difficult or impossible views of structures a reality while gaining a better understanding of structural relationships.


Roy E. Schneider, BA, MS


Medical & Biological Illustrator



Tonya L.

Floyd-Bradstock, MFA, CMI

Medical & Biological Illustrator

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